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Mission Statement

Our goal is to change a child’s life for the better, one day at a time. Our members strive to plant the seeds of success and motivation in children by brightening their day, just a few hours at a time. We strongly believe the snowball effect of one seed, one smile, or one good decision can last a lifetime. We focus on inspiring students to enjoy themselves and enjoy school, with the idea that each brighter day that we provide to them helps pave the way for a brighter future as a whole.

Course of Action

We are paired with a few elementary students and meet with them once or twice a month. We’re able to visit with them during their lunch time, where we can catch up, talk about our favorite sports teams and TV shows, and laugh about everything that’s happened since we last saw each other. We try to always be there when they need advice or a push to do better in school. As college students, many of the students look up to us and the little motivation we can provide sticks with them. By the end of each visit, our friendship has grown even stronger and we both look forward to the next meeting.

Hopes and Aspirations

MBD is a program that the students look forward to and are excited about each month. Part of the reason we want the activities to take place at school is so they associate this joy and excitement with being at school. In the long term, our goal is to spark and strengthen their interest in school and life while they are young, so they have enough passion and motivation to continue their education as they grow older.

Furthermore, just having something fun to look forward to can enhance their lives overall. Although we recognize this is not a stand-alone solution, we genuinely believe it can be a positive contribution towards bettering their outlook on school and life as a whole.

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